• ProTalk: Illustrator Byron Mosley

    Byron Mosley works in freelance illustration and graphic design. Byron, thank you so much for taking some time to chat today. I really appreciate it! Tell us a little bit about your backstory. Where are you from and where are you going? Your illustration skills are really great and fun! I grew up in Detroit, MI. […]

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  • ProTalk: Art Director Ryan “Snufflemuffin” Weisgerber

    Ryan “Snufflemuffin” Weisgerber is the mind behind Hug the Universe. First off, tell us a little bit about yourself. Who you are, why you create, what was the beginning of your journey in regards to illustrating your thoughts.  Well, first things first. My name is Ryan, and I’m a writer, illustrator, and art director. In terms of how […]

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  • ProTalk: Heidi Abrahamson Modern Jewelry

    Heidi Abrahamson is the owner and metalsmith at Heidi Abrahamson Modern Jewelry Heidi, In your digital life, you tie together a lot of modern furniture, fashion, jewelry and amazing other finds…along with an impressive amount of cat images. Your jewelry though stands out. I suppose that is because that is at your core. Why do […]

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  • ProTalk: Industrial Designer Morgan McMullin

    Morgan McMullin is a Senior Designer at Polyconcept Morgan! Your fabulous head dresses and hats and winter wear never cease to amaze. Thanks so much for taking some time to talk shop with me! Let’s dive right in. How in the world did you get into being an industrial designer and more importantly, why? Originally, I […]

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  • ProTalk: Concept Artist Dave Melvin

    Dave Melvin is Senior Concept Artist at Virtual Basement LLC and Instructor of Digital Rendering at The Academy of Art University  Dave, always good to talk to you. Your concepts and design are both nightmare fuel and an amazing resource of inspiration for people to draw from. Speaking of, why do you draw in the first place? […]

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